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Ancestral Quest

The Program from which PAF was Created

First and Foremost with FamilySearch

Ancestral Quest was the first desktop family tree program to become a FamilySearch Compatible Solution to access, update and sync with the family tree database of FamilySearch (FS), and is Tree Share Compatible (which means it is a FamilySearch Compatible Solution to work with Family Tree). Ancestral Quest is the only Tree Share Compatible software program capable of sharing data between PAF 5 and FamilySearch Family Tree. Read more about AQ's compatibility.

“In my humble opinion, Ancestral Quest is what a fully updated PAF program would look like. I made the switch some years ago and found the new program like working with an old friend, with added features. There was a bit of a learning curve on the new features, but there would be a learning curve if PAF was updated.”

- D. Hambleton

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Ancestral Quest is a family tree program that is easy to use yet comprehensive.

Whether you are a user of PAF 5, an older version of Ancestral Quest, or are new to genealogy, AQ will help you quickly, easily and intuitively synchronize your data with the Family Tree of FamilySearch.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints thought so highly of Ancestral Quest, that in 1999 they licensed the Ancestral Quest code and created the Windows versions of PAF from it. PAF 5 is essentially an altered, older version of Ancestral Quest. If you are a PAF user, you'll feel right at home by upgrading to AQ, or by using AQ as an add-on product to use with PAF 5.

Ancestral Quest is the easiest software to use for the LDS community. How can we claim this? First of all, AQ is simply easy to use. Secondly, most LDS users of genealogy software are already using PAF 5. As a result, they already know AQ. There is only a minimal learning curve for most LDS users. (Well, they will want to learn the new features, but they are already familiar with the basics of the program.)

“Wow. Your new capability with FamilySearch is, indeed, impressive. It is head and shoulders above others that I have had the privilege of seeing.”

- a family history center staff member

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