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Ancestral Quest Basics is FamilySearch Compatible Solution, and works directly with Family Tree for:

  • Tree Share
  • Sources
  • Discussions
  • Change History
  • Church of Jesus Christ of LDS Support
  • Personal Ancestral File (PAF) Compatibility
  • Memories
  • FamilySearch Hinting
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Ancestral Quest Basics is a free, easy to use, complete genealogy program. It has all the features you need to record, preserve and share your family history. It is just like the full version of Ancestral Quest, but without some of the more advanced bells and whistles along with all of the cost.

PAF users will find that it has most of the functionality of Personal Ancestral File 5, along with several important enhancements, including the ability to synchronize their data with FamilySearch Family Tree. PAF users received PAF for free, access to FamilySearch Family Tree for free, and can now use Ancestral Quest Basics for free to combine the core functionality of PAF and FamilySearch Family Tree in one product. It looks and feels like a major upgrade to PAF.

Whether you are a PAF user looking for a free upgrade, or are simply looking for a free, easy, complete family tree program, download Ancestral Quest Basics today!

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