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Current Certification

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Tree Share (full tree read and write) - Certified to read and write Family Tree data to match, compare, and modify records. Also includes required certification for sources, discussions, change history, and interaction with community members.

Sources Certified to read Family Tree data allowing user to match and reference online "sources' such as records, photos, documents, and media that provide evidence of events and relationships.

Discussions Certified to read, write, and comment on discussion threads for individual records in Family Tree.

Change History Certified to read and list changes made by contributors to the Family Tree, sources, and discussions.

LDS Support Certified that specific data and features for 'LDS members only' can only be accessed when the user is appropriately logged in to FamilySearch. Tree Access Certification is necessary for reading ordinance information, Tree Share Certification is necessary for requesting, changing, sharing, and printing Family Ordinance Requests (FORs).


Additional Information

Ancestral Quest was the first desktop family tree program to be certified to access, update and sync with New FamilySearch (NFS), and is now certified to share and collaborate with Family Tree. AQ has met the rigorous standards set by FamilySearch to be certified for Tree Share, Sources, Discussions, Change History and LDS Support. (See panel to left for details.) No other software has received more certifications than Ancestral Quest.

Important Note: Another software program has been making a false claim for nearly a year that it is "the ONLY software certified to share and collaborate with FamilySearch Family Tree." If you have seen this claim, do not be misled. Click here to verify.
(We won't mention any names, but their initials are 'RM'.)

Repair Families

Going above and beyond the FamilySearch certification requirements, Ancestral Quest is the only1 family tree desktop app to allow you to correct improperly linked families in FamilySearch Family Tree. You can unlink children from families when they have been improperly linked, and you can separate improperly linked couples, even when children are linked to them.

Share Notes

Ancestral Quest allows you to view notes from both your personal file and the records of Family Tree. Whether you store most of your documentation in Notes or in Sources, AQ will allow you to transfer that documentation to Family Tree. AQ is the first Tree Share certified program to allow you to exchange notes between your file and Family Tree, and is the only1 Tree Share certified program to adhere to the collaboration standards set for other data when working with notes in Family Tree.

Source Details

In addition to meeting the requirements for FamilySearch Sources certification, Ancestral Quest provides exacting genealogists with an extra bonus. In most desktop family tree programs, sources are recorded with such details as the source Title, Author, Publication Facts, Repository, Page Number, Source Quality, etc. In Family Tree, sources provide this information as a formatted 'citation', but do not contain the detailed breakdown of this data. AQ allows users to send the breakdown of these details to Family Tree to be stored in the Notes portion of the Family Tree source. This allows other users of a desktop program to later import the source in such a way that the Title, Author, Repository, etc., are properly brought back from Family Tree.

PAF Compatibility

Ancestral Quest is the only1 full-featured family tree program which is both Tree Share certified by FamilySearch and can share data between Family Tree and a PAF 5 file.

Unique1 Continued Access to New.FamilySearch

In addition to being Certified with Family Tree, Ancestral Quest allows users to not only see the data of Family Tree, but also the additional opinions of birth, christening, death and burial from new.FamilySearch. This can be very helpful in three ways:

  • Correcting Data on Family Tree As you compare the information in your own personal database with the data in the Family Tree, AQ allows you to optionally also see the additional opinions of nFS. As you see data from all three databases simultaneously, you will notice that even though many times Family Tree has imported the best data from nFS, sometimes it has instead imported erroneous data from nFS, leaving the correct data only on the nFS system or in your personal file. AQ provides a special function that allows you to select the correct data from nFS and move it to the Family Tree. Watch video tutorial.
  • Incorrectly Combined Records Many of the records on Family Tree seem to have the wrong information, because they were improperly combined with records of different people. The easiest way to discern and analyze these records is by using AQ's unique ability to view the other opinions of nFS along with the Family Tree data.
  • Matching Your Records to Family Tree When the records on Family Tree have been improperly combined, they have data that no longer matches your records, even when they are a match. When you use AQ's ability to see the other data from New.FamilySearch, you will often see the data in these records that matches your records, thus helping you correctly match the records in Family Tree with your own records.