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Need more reports? Want to view your data on an iPhone or Droid device? We have a growing list of additional products that can further aid you in your family history efforts.

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Family Tree Software for Windows and Mac

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Ancestral Quest (AQ) family tree software is the easiest to use and most versatile genealogy program for Windows or Macintosh on the market. Its format is perfect for the beginner and yet powerful enough for the most advanced genealogist. Easy data entry, keyboard shortcuts, scrapbooking, and excellent sourcing capabilities are just some of this genealogy software program's wonderful award-winning features.

Create professional looking Pedigree Charts, Family Group Sheets, Ancestry charts, Descendant charts, genealogy book reports, fan charts and more.

AQ has special links to **on-line genealogy databases, including Ancestry.com and FamilySearch.org, which can help you research your family history more easily than ever. AQ is also FamilySearch Family Tree Share certified.

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Ancestral Quest 14 available!

The newest version of Ancestral Quest boasts some of our most requested features, such as color coding and a research timeline. Ancestral Quest 14 is surely the “must-have” program for anyone involved in genealogy and family history work.

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Owners of Previous AQ Versions

You will definitely want to take a look at the new features available in the latest upgrade to this award-winning family history program.

If you currently have a registered copy of AQ 12.x, then you can actually download AQ 14 and continue to use the feature set available with your version 12.x license, along with some minor enhancements. Then, if you would like to unlock the new AQ 14 features, you can purchase an upgrade license that will unlock the newer features.

Owners of AQ version 11 and earlier can purchase an Upgrade to AQ 14 from our Order page.

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Free Ancestral Quest Basics Program

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Did you know that Ancestral Quest 14 is available in two versions? Ancestral Quest Basics is free genealogy software that has the essential features for working with your family tree, including some updated features in accessing FamilySearch Family Tree. Then, when you are ready, purchase the full Ancestral Quest program to add even more abilities and features that make it the complete family history solution. (If you've already been using Ancestral Quest Basics 12.1, you'll want to upgrade to Ancestral Quest Basics 14 for free.)

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