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Since 1994, Incline Software has developed wonderful tools to aid you in your efforts to record and share your Genealogy/Family History. In 1999, we made available to the LDS church the tools we had at that time, from which they produced the Windows versions of Personal Ancestral File (PAF 4 and PAF 5).

Incline Software has continued to improve and enhance its programs in an effort to keep it current with developing family history research tools.

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Use Ancestral Quest if:

  • You are looking for simply the best family tree software you can own, or
  • You use PAF 5 and want to enhance PAF's capabilities with the extra features of Ancestral Quest. This gives you the option of converting your file to an AQ file, which will then allow you to use all of AQ's extra features that cannot be used with a PAF family file.

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Use Ancestral Quest Basics if:

  • You are not interested in using the full set of capabilities of Ancestral Quest, but just need its core features, or
  • Want to simply have a bridge between PAF 5 and new FamilySearch

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A comparison chart is available that shows the features found in each version.

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There are several products that can be used with Ancestral Quest. These products will add additional capabilities to your database, or provide other complete tools that work with the data stored in Ancestral Quest.

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Print Large Charts

Ancestral Quest has the ability to generate amazing printouts. We have partnered with a company that specializes in turning your reports into artwork.

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