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Other Genealogy Sites

  • Silicon Valley Computer Genealogy Group (formerly known as the Silicon Valley PAF Users Group or SVPAFUG) This group is very active in the genealogy community. They have published guidelines for source notes documentation, and deal with questions related to PAF as well as other genealogy software.
  • Utah Valley Technology and Genealogy Group (formerly known as Utah Valley PAF Users Group or UVPAFUG) This is a grass-roots, non-profit, tax-exempt educational organization devoted to fostering the use of technology for family history.
  • Cyndi's List A free categorized & cross-referenced index to genealogical resources on the Internet. More than 290,000 links in more than 180 categories.
  • The Archives website (formerly Genealogy Archives) providing research and document archives.
  • Genealogy Search Australia The Australian genealogy search engine and directory for worldwide family history research.

Additional Websites

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