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GenSoftReviews Award Received

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Ancestral Quest continues to receive the "Top Rated" Genealogy Software award on the GenSoftReviews website. This award is determined by users of the various genealogy programs. Out of a possible highest score of 5, Ancestral Quest received a score of 4.49. Ancestral Quest has been a "Top Rated" software program on the site since 2011.

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On the program description page of our site, you will find a description of the program and its features, along with links to detail pages.

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Ancestral Quest for Mac

See the details about Ancestral Quest for Macintosh computers.

See the AQ for Mac details

Download Ancestral Quest

You can easily download Ancestral Quest, right here on our site.

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AQ Licensing Policy

Need to know if you must purchase another copy of Ancestral Quest? Check out our current Licensing Policy.

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End User License Agreement (EULA)

The Ancestral Quest End User License Agreement (EULA) details what you can and can't do with our program and what we provide and are liable for.

Access the AQ for Windows EULA

Access the AQ for Mac EULA

Program Features

The Features List identifies the many features found in Ancestral Quest.

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Program Differences

What is the difference between Ancestral Quest and Ancestral Quest Basics? This comparison chart will give you all the details.

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What's new?

If you have an older version of Ancestral Quest, you may be interested in seeing the new features in the program.

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Version History

A detailed history of the Ancestral Quest versions is available.

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Special Features for Jewish Users

Ancestral Quest has the the ability to handle special events unique to the Jewish community.

Take a look at the Jewish features

Special Features for LDS Users

There are several features that we have developed to help LDS users with their genealogical needs.

View the LDS features

Special Features for PAF Users

Ancestral Quest is a little like PAF's 'big brother.' We have information on how easy it is for a PAF user to work in AQ.

Find out about the PAF tie-in

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