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Version 15 released 2016 Version 14 released 2012 Version 12.1 released 2008 Version 12 released 2007 Version 11 released 2003 AQ 2002 (Version 10) Version 3.0 released 1999 Version 2.1 released 1997 Version 2.0 released 1996 Version 1.1 released 1995 Version 1.0 released 1994 Version 16 released 2019

Version History

Some Clarifications

  • This Version History is provided primarily for users of older versions of Ancestral Quest, to help them know what they can expect if they upgrade. For example, if you purchased your copy of AQ back in 1997, you probably have version 2.0. You can read through the list of features for all the newer versions since 2.0 to learn what features have been added, to help you decide if you want to upgrade. This list can also be used by others to get a feel for what features are available in the program.
  • Version 2.2 - was never released for sale. There was a change in database style between the 2.x and earlier versions, and the 3.0 and later versions. For those who used versions 1.0 through 2.1, we supply version 2.2 on all CD copies of the program, so that, if needed, this older version can be used to restore an older backup. Once restored, the newer versions can convert the older style database into a new style database. Note that since AQ 1.0 through 2.2 were database compatible with PAF versions 2.1-2.31, users of these older PAF versions can also use AQ 2.2 to restore old backups.
  • When we were ready to release AQ 2002 (version 10) in late 2002, we chose to skip a few version numbers. Most other family tree software products incremented full version numbers with each release. AQ had increased by partial numbers, and had given away free upgrades during the version 3.0 life cycle. The jump to version number 10 was intended to bring AQ's versioning up to roughly where it would have been if we had followed the practice common in this field.
  • With version 10, we intended to name new versions with the year in which they were released, hence version 10 was called Ancestral Quest 2002. We later abandoned this idea, so AQ 2002 is an anomaly as to our version naming.

Version 1.0 Features

  • First release of AQ, one of the first Windows family tree programs
  • Record up to 65,000 individuals
  • Compatible with the PAF 2.x versions of DOS software
  • Powerful search for names in file
  • Enhanced Match/Merge
  • Store phone/address info for Family Reunion contacting
  • Cut/Paste
  • Up to 60,000 characters of notes per person
  • Standard Birth/Christening/Death/Burial information stored for each person
  • GEDCOM Import/Export
  • Export to TempleReady and Ancestral File
  • Reports:
    • Pedigree Charts: Single, Cascading and Blank forms. 4, 5 or 6 generations
    • Family Group Sheets: Single, Cascading and Blank forms
    • Ancestral Charts
    • Descendant Charts
    • Individual Summary reports
    • Listing of Duplicate Individuals
    • LDS Missing Ordinance lists
  • Required Windows 3.1 or later at the time. Will not work in Windows XP.

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Version 1.1 Features

  • Access Notes from more places
  • Copy/Paste now available from standard "Edit" menu
  • "Ditto" capability added
  • Search for databases
  • Edit and Delete from the sorted list
  • Added ability to "Maintain Alpha Index" to speed up use of this index
  • When Previewing reports, AQ will take you back to the same report to make adjustments
  • Added ability to suppress RIN and MRIN numbers from many reports
  • Pedigree and FGR report can now be printed without "submitter" info
  • FGR report was enhanced to have 2 condensed modes, so more data could fit on a page
  • An individual's address info could be suppressed on reports that printed notes
  • Possible Problems list was added
  • Book reports -- Ahnentafel and Modified Register were added

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Version 2.0 Features

  • Added scrapbooking capability
    • Add unlimited photos, audio clips, video clips to any individual
    • Add a sound to any photo
    • Organize photos and sounds into choreographed slide shows
    • Add ability to print photo on many reports, including Pedigree Chart, Family Group Record, Wall Charts, Individual Summary, Book Reports
    • View photo on Pedigree screen
  • Added Ancestry Wall Chart
  • Added Descendants Wall Chart
  • Added Scrapbook Pages
  • Added sorted lists of individuals
  • And more ...

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Version 2.1 Features

  • Added powerful Advanced Filtering (Focusing)
    • Locate data
    • Export or delete complete branches of your family tree
    • Split databases
  • Generate Web Pages from your Family data
  • New Custom Report
  • New Birthday and Anniversary Calendar
  • New End-of-Line reports
  • New Marriage lists -- sorted by Husband, wife, or record number
  • New option on Ancestry and Descendant standard charts to print Birth and Death places
  • Gave user the ability to choose fonts and titles on many reports, as well as shading colors
  • Added Relationship Search
  • Brought GEDCOM compatibility up to new standard of 5.5
  • Add parents, spouses and children to families from the Pedigree screen as well as Family screen
  • Expanded Family screen allows for seeing basic data and photo of a person
  • Added Date Calculator and Soundex Calculator
  • Added a log of changes
  • Added ability to change the formats of names, dates and places
  • Added ability to enter dates in US or European formats
  • Improved LDS options:
    • Added new options to LDS Ordinance reports to make them better
    • Advanced Filtering included pre-qualification of TempleReady
    • Added LDS Ordinance information to Book reports

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Version 3.0 Features

  • Added Database Compatibility with PAF 3 and PAF 4
  • Added ability to create Repository, Source and Source Citation records
    • Introduced ability to connect a Source Citation to just a date or a Place
    • Introduced ability to attach a single citation to multiple events
    • Adjusted reports to show source citations as footnotes
  • Added Custom Events, such as Emigration, Census, Probate, etc
    • Provided scores of predefined event types to choose from
    • Provided ability for user to create their own event types
  • Added ability to have more than one set of parents for a person. Each parent could have a separate relationship to the child
  • Added Relationship Calculator -- see up to 100 relationships between two people, and see line of descent from common ancestor for each
  • Added Relationship Indicators -- see the relationship between the root person in the file and any other blood relative from the Pedigree and Family screens
  • Removed limitations of earlier versions:
    • Increased number of individuals in a file from 65,000 to over 1 million
    • Increased name length for each part of a name or place name from 16 characters to over 200
    • Allowed for dates to preceed 100 AD
    • Allowed for dates to have any text, not just a normal date
    • Notes could now have true wrapping -- they would flow like normal paragraphs as you edit them
  • Other "minor" enhancements
  • NOTE: During the AQ 3.0 lifecycle, Incline Software provided many additional features free of charge. To see a list of these, view the list of features for AQ 2002, and look for any features that have an asterisk "*" by them -- these were not available when AQ 3.0 was first released, but became part of later subreleases of AQ 3.0. Many users had access to these features as part of AQ 3.0.

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Version 10.0 (AQ 2002) Features

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Version 11.0 Features

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Version 12.x Features

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Version 14.0 Features

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Version 15.0 Features

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Version 16.0 Features

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