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This chart should help you determine which version of Ancestral Quest is right for you. Ancestral Quest is the full program that makes Family History fun and easy. Ancestral Quest Basics contains the basic, key features needed to record your family history, without all the bells and whistles.

Feature PAF 5
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AQ Basics

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Price for Download Free Free $34.95 Win
$44.95 Mac
General Features      
Add/Edit Individuals X X X
Add/Edit Marriage and Relationships X X X
Document Same-gender Relationships   X X
Mark Relationships as Confidential   X X
Individuals can be marked as Confidential   X X
Add any event or fact to a record X X X
Share Custom Events with other records in the database     X
Events can be marked as Private   X X
LDS Support (Optional) X X X
Create GEDCOM files X X X
Import GEDCOM files X X X
Place links to scrapbook items in GEDCOM file X X X
Place actual scrapbook items in GEDCOM file     X
Backup Databases X X X
Restore Databases X X X
Search for Individuals X X X
Search for Marriages X X X
Advanced filtering (select groups) X X X
Select by basic Relationships X X X
Select by Other Fields X   X
Select All Related X   X
TreeTips™ Hinting for FamilySearch*   X X
TreeTips™ Hinting for Find My Past*   X X
TreeTips™ Advanced Searching for MyHeritage*   X X
Direct links to Advanced Searches on Ancestry.com*   X X
Standard searches on FamilySearch* site X X X
Newer search abilities on FamilySearch* site     X
Searches on WorldVitalRecords*   X X
Searches on other Internet sites*     X
Create your own Internet Searches     X
Synchronize with FamilySearch Family Tree   X X
PAF Compatibility      
Directly open and work with a PAF file X X X
Convert a PAF file to an AQ file N/A X X
Convert an AQ file to a PAF file N/A   X
Most screens are identical or very similar to PAF's screens X X X
Most reports are identical or very similar to PAF's reports X X X
Can be accessed from PAF's Tools menu N/A X X
Reports and Charts      
Include Background Image behind many Charts    X
Single and Cascading Pedigree Charts X X X
Blank Pedigree Charts X X X
Fan Charts     X
Notes and Sources printed with Pedigree Charts     X
Source Images printed with Charts that show sources     X
Single and Cascading Family Group Sheets X X X
Blank Family Group Sheets X X X
Ancestry Charts X X X
Siblings on Ancestry Charts     X
Ancestry Wall Charts X X X
Customizable boxes on Ancestry Wall Charts X   X
Descendant Charts X X X
Descendant Wall Charts X X X
Customizable boxes on Descendant Wall Charts X   X
Dropline Descendant Charts     X
Timeline Charts     X
Narrative Descendant Report (Modified Register) X X X
Narrative Ancestral Report (Ahnentafel) X X X
Siblings on Ahnentafel     X
Color Coding on Many Charts     X
Print Tags on Many Charts     X
Print most Reports to text file     X
Print Narrative Reports to RTF (MS Word/OpenOffice) files X   X
Print Narrative Reports to WordPerfect files     X
Unlinked Individual List X X X
Duplicate Individuals List X X X
Sorted Individual Lists X X X
Sorted Marriage Lists X X X
Possible Problems Report X X X
End of Line Individuals Report X X X
Family Reunion Contact Lists X   X
Sorted Place Report X   X
Scrapbook Items List     X
LDS Individual Ordinance Reports X X X
LDS Marriage Sealing Reports X X X
Birthday/Anniversary Calendars X   X
Research Log     X
Line of Descent Chart (Direct line from an ancestor to a descendant)     X
Individual Summary Chart X X X
Scrapbook Pages Report X   X
Custom Reports X   X
List of Sources X   X
List of Citations for a Source X   X
Line of Descent Report (any two people to common ancestor)     X
Easily print large charts to large paper (with PDF)     X
Customize sentences for Narrative reports X X X
Publish a Compiled Family History     X
FamilySearch Family Tree Compatibility      
Family Tree Share Compatible   X X
Access, Sync and Update Compatible   X X
Multi-Language Compatible   X X
PAF Add-In and Import Compatible N/A X X
Print Compatible   X X
Ordinance Reservation and Request Compatible   X X
Import Ancestral Lines from FamilySearch   X X
Add Ancestors to all linked end-of-line ancestors of selected person     X
Append to names both the RIN and the FS PID     X
Match Individuals   X X
Sync Individuals   X X
Advanced Syncing     X
Link/Sync Families   X X
Link/Sync Groups     X
Sync Sources - Advanced Conversion     X
Memories Manager     X
Auto Update All Ordinances     X
Read and Add to Discussions     X
Check for Changes on FamilySearch     X
Keep local Data in sync with LDS Temple data   X X
Ordinance Card Inventory System     X
Group Ordinances in Batches   X X
Review Batches Singly   X X
Review Batches all together     X
Notes and Sources      
Add Notes to Individuals X X X
Add Notes to Marriages X X X
Spell Check Notes     X
Add Sources to any event X X X
Share source citations between multiple events   X X
Attach original source images to sources/citations X   X
Sources designed around Evidence! X X X
Categorize Sources   X X
See Citations of a source     X
Change order of sources for an event     X
Select from sources of a single type   X X
Multimedia / Scrapbook      
Number of photos you can attach to each person No limit One No limit
Store Video and Sound Clips for each Person X   X
Store Other Documents for each Person     X
Store Scrapbook Objects on Internet     X
Share Scrapbook Items with other records     X
Enhanced Solution for Broken Scrapbook Links     X
Create Web Pages X X X
Standard 5-Generation Pedigree View X X X
Variable 3- to 7-Generation Pedigree view   X X
Family view X X X
Name List view X X X
Sort Name List view by RIN or Name X X X
Sort Name List view by any field     X
Sort Name List view by any 3 fields     X
Descendants view     X
Individual Summary View     X
Individual Summary Options screen     X
Timeline View     X
Back and Forward browser type buttons     X
Bookmark Individuals     X
Relationship Search X X X
Add "To Do" Items     X
Research Manager     X
Relationship Calculator X   X
Date Calculator X   X
Soundex Calculator X   X
Generate Relationship Notations X X X
Color Coding     X
Assign Tags for Any Purpose     X
Generate Custom IDs     X
Convert Names to Mixed Case X   X
Convert Place Names to/from Abbreviations     X
Add/Remove Country Place Names     X
Move Scrapbook Items to a different folder     X
Detailed log of Changes     X
Merge Individuals using either Side-by-Side or Over/Under comparison Side-by-side only X X
Auto Merge Individuals X X X
Database Compare/Merge     X
Merge Sources X X X
Merge Citations     X
Merge Repositories     X
Enter Names, Places, Notes in any language X X X
Translate screens and reports into any language     X
Use translations done by others X X X
Make your file available to others     X
Make changes to other's files     X
View other's files   X X
Technical Support      
Tips & Tricks, FAQs on AQ website N/A X X
AQ Groups forums N/A X X
Help from Incline Support Staff N/A   X

N/A = Not applicable

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