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New Features in
Ancestral Quest 12.x

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Ancestral Quest 12.1, first introduced in 2008, adds a suite of features that allow a user to synchronize and compare local data with the Family Tree of new.FamilySearch.org. Because new.FamilySearch.org is in a pilot program, these new features in AQ 12.1 are only active for a relatively few users who are involved in that pilot program. As time goes on, the FamilyTree will become available to more users, until eventually all users should be able to activate them. All users not in the pilot program can ignore this set of features as they use the rest of the program.

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New Capabilities

  • AQ2Go! Ancestral Quest 12.1 can now be taken with you on a flash or other removable drive. This ability will let you run the program on other computers where AQ is not installed. Learn more about AQ2Go!

LDS Support!

  • Link and Sync with new FamilySearch! AQ can now synchronize information between your PAF or AQ database with the Family Tree of new.familysearch.org. Learn more about these features.

Access the Release Notes for Ancestral Quest 12.1.

Ancestral Quest 12.0, introduced at the beginning of 2007, is a major upgrade which offers dozens of new features to the program. These features are listed below.

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New Capabilities

  • Database Compare/Merge. AQ can compare another AQ file, PAF file or a GEDCOM file against the current file, and help you identify the differences. You can import just the changes.
  • Individual Summary screen. View all the information on an individual on one screen: events, notes, sources, pictures, parents, siblings, spouses, children, to do items, etc.
  • Translate AQ into any language. Translate all or part of the program to any language. Share your translations with others, or get translations from others. You can even change the wording of text or phrases, such as “Husband” and “Wife” to “Buck” and “Doe” to create a system for tracking deer breeding.
  • Store names, places in any language. AQ now uses “Unicode” -- you should be able to store names of people, places, notes, etc., in any language you require.
  • Record DNA Test Results within each individual record.
  • Edit your PAF 5 database right within Ancestral Quest.
  • New Tools:
    • Convert case from UPPER to Mixed
    • Convert US/Canada State/Province abbreviations to full name and back
  • Confidential Relationships. Mark children, parents, spouses or spousal relationships as confidential. Block them from showing on reports or being exported.

LDS Support

  • Enhanced! Online IGI Lookups! - Not only can you view current ordinance data, but you can easily merge the IGI data right into your database! [View the Tutorial]
  • Enhanced! Show ordinances for each child within the Family View
  • For Family History Centers: Translate AQ into Any Language so that Patrons can work on a PAF 5 file using AQ in their own Language. [Click Here for Details]


  • New! Publish a Family Book! Create a Family Book with a Title Page, Table of Contents and Master Index. Include any number of popular chart and reports.
  • New! Print reports in a different language than the one you are working in.
  • New! Dropline Descendancy Chartreport.
  • Enhanced! Calendar Report can now print a range of months (such as a full year), with more options for how names should be displayed.
  • Enhanced! Family Group Record now has options to:
    • prevent a child's information from breaking between pages
    • print a number of blank information boxes for children


  • All new! InfoCenter makes viewing and comparing individuals easier than ever!
  • Improved! Individual Merge screen lets you control all data for an individual during the merge
  • Scrapbook items can be stored on the Internet as well as on your local machine
  • Custom IDs can now handle Henry and Dollarhide conventions
  • Paths of certain files types can be set by default
  • Change Log can now be printed
  • Back and Forward buttons take you to previous views easily and quickly.
  • Customize Sentences for Book Reports and Web Pages.
  • Additional Couples Relationship types:
    • Common Law
    • De Facto
  • Additional Parent/Child Relationship types:
    • Step
    • Foster

Access the Release Notes for Ancestral Quest 12.0.

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