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Incline Software Releases Ancestral Quest 2002

Salt Lake City, Utah (November 26, 2002) - Incline Software, LC, producer of Ancestral Quest™ (AQ), a leading personal genealogy records management software, announced today the release of version 2002 of its software. This new release achieves two things: 1) it provides several new and enhanced features to make genealogy record keeping more enjoyable and more proficient; 2) it introduces a revolutionary new capability - that of coordinating team research over the Internet using full-featured Windows based software.

Ancestry Family Tree (AFT) users can also benefit from this new version of Ancestral Quest, as it directly works with .aft files created by AFT.

The Exclusive New Collaboration Feature

Collaboration is the name for Ancestral Quest 2002's exclusive new team coordination feature. Using collaboration, a user can upload his/her family database(s) onto a private Internet server, establish a team (by granting rights to others) to update or view this data, and allow the other team members to then work with him/her on this file or to simply view the data (without rights to modify it). The users' data is private -- only team members can view this data. Teams can consist of research associates, relatives, or professional researchers and their clients. They can be located anywhere in the world, and by using this feature, can coordinate their efforts on a single, master family database.

Members of a collaboration team who only need to view the data can download the free unregistered version of AQ 2002 to use as a viewer.

The Collaboration feature inherently provides an off site backup. Even users not needing to coordinate research efforts can use this feature to store an off-site copy of their data on the collaboration server.

Other Features

The list of other features new to version 2002 is impressive:

  • To do lists and Research Management to help users keep track of their research efforts and requirements.
  • Research Log report
  • An improved Documentation Center that streamlines the critical task of documenting notes and sources
  • Documented Pedigree Charts
  • Printing source images on reports
  • Enhanced Search Center provides better ways to locate individuals and marriages from anywhere in the software
  • Name List view. Work from a list of individuals sorted by name, RIN, date or place
  • Global Search and Replace of notes, names, dates and places
  • Spell Checking
  • Fan Charts. Full, half or quarter circles, with several options, including documenting the chart. Up to 12 generations, and up to 36" x 36" output.
  • Page of Testimony. This feature was introduced in a special Jewish edition of AQ 3.0, and is now made available in the main version. This features allows those with any information on Holocaust victims to record information about those victims, and submit a testimonial page to the authorities in Jerusalem
  • Siblings on Ancestry charts and ancestral book reports
  • Print most reports to file. Great for including the chart in a larger work, or sending a copy via e-mail to an associate.
  • Show pictures next to the name on web pages
  • Quick entry of names and places
  • Customize the Individual Edit screen
  • Unlimited notes
  • Merge sources and repositories
  • Bookmark Individuals
  • Add documents to scrapbook collections
  • Export scrapbook collections to a GEDCOM file. The easiest way to share your ENTIRE family history with others.
  • Create a master source for a GEDCOM import
  • Sorted Place list
  • Print lists of sources
  • Print all citations of a source
  • Print a list of scrapbook items, sorted to taste
  • Print odd/even pages
  • Print a line of descent from a common ancestor
  • Not a Problem - flag records to exclude from the Possible Problem list
  • And many more. See for a more complete list.

LDS Enhancements

  • PAF 5.x support. View PAF 5 data in AQ's screens, and use AQ's additional reporting, web generation, and GEDCOM export options to share your data in additional ways.
  • TempleReady updates - update ordinance information in your family file directly from data generated by TempleReady

According to Gaylon Findlay, president of Incline Software, LC, "This new version of Ancestral Quest provides users with wonderful new and enhanced tools for working with and recording their family history. The new collaboration feature provides a unique and important tool for making team research a reality. By using the Internet as the vehicle, team members can coordinate from anywhere in the world."

This new version of Ancestral Quest has a suggested retail price of $39.95, but is available for a limited time for $29.95 to new users, and for the upgrade price of $19.95 for current users of AQ. It can be purchased online from, or by calling Incline Software at 1-800-825-8864 (or 1-801-280-4434). You can download the unregistered version for free and give it a try.

Incline Software™ developed Ancestral Questin 1994, and has been enhancing it ever since. AQ is a powerful yet extremely easy to use, full-featured genealogy records manager. Its reporting capabilities are excellent, and it uses unique, advanced technologies to enable accurate source documentation. AQ has industry leading scrapbooking capabilities that allow users to preserve their precious photos, video clips, and audio clips for posterity, keeping the memory of ancestors alive for generations to come. AQ can also generate a web page with not only the data, but the scrapbook items as well, so this information can be easily shared with family across the world on the Internet.

To find out more about Ancestral Quest or Incline Software, visit the web site

Ancestral Quest, Ancestral Quest Basics and Incline Software are trademarks of Incline Software, LC. Other marks are trademarks of their respective owners.

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