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Training Video for the “Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System for PAF and AQ” is Now Available

Salt Lake City, Utah (October 9, 2009) - Incline Software, the creator of Ancestral Quest, has just released a training video for the new Ordinance Reservation and Tracking system within Ancestral Quest (AQ). Because AQ can be used also by users of Personal Ancestral File (PAF), another family tree product, which is derived from an older version of Ancestral Quest, this Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System (ORTS) can benefit users of both AQ and PAF equally. (PAF users can benefit from AQ either as a FamilySearch certified PAF add-in or as an upgrade to PAF.)

Over the years, Incline Software has made Ancestral Quest available to the general public for use in recording and researching their family history, while paying attention to the special needs of some groups. For example the Page of Testimony capability was put in place to help the Jewish community in its quest for recording those who perished in the Holocaust. Similarly, this new Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System is a special feature that is only of use to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS).

The training video is about 35 minutes, and will teach LDS users how to:

  • Identify records in their PAF or AQ data file which appear to need LDS ordinances
  • Verify with official temple records whether the ordinances are completed
  • Easily update the PAF or AQ records if the ordinances are completed
  • Reserve the ordinances and create Family Ordinance Requests right from within AQ if the ordinances can be reserved
  • Manage records of ordinances so that the local PAF or AQ data is kept up-to-date with the official temple records
  • Use the Ordinance Card Inventory System of AQ to keep track of the ordinance cards as the user gives them to others to help perform the ordinances.

This video can be watched at no cost by accessing this page: and activating the video entitled, “Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System Full Training”. In order to use ORTS, the user must have access to New FamilySearch. If the user does not yet have a login ID for New FamilySearch, he/she can take the database to a local Family History Center, where one of the consultants can use AQ's Helper Access to sign in as a helper for the user and use ORTS to reserve the user's ordinances and update the PAF or AQ database with ordinance information right out of the LDS temple records.


AQ has a unique feature that can benefit any LDS person, regardless of whether they use AQ or another program as their main family tree product. This video will teach how to see more details on reserved ordinances of any record in New FamilySearch, such as who reserved the ordinance, when the reservation was made, and how to contact the person who reserved the ordinances.

Ancestral Quest can be used for free during a 60-day trial period. It is fully functioning, and is not crippled in any way. After the trial, AQ becomes a database viewer unless it is activated. Many features of AQ are available while in the viewer mode, including the ability to examine the details of an ordinance on any record in New FamilySearch. Ancestral Quest can be fully activated at any time, during or after the trial period, by purchasing a registration key from Incline Software.

To find out more about Ancestral Quest, Incline Software, the Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System or to download the 60-day free trial of Ancestral Quest, visit the web site or call Incline Software at 1-800-825-8864.

Ancestral Quest, Ancestral Quest Basics and Incline Software are trademarks of Incline Software, LC. Other marks are trademarks of their respective owners.

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