Ancestral Quest for Mac Frequently Asked Questions

Generate AQ Reports as PDF files

Step 1

Within AQ, go to the menu bar at the top of the screen and select File, then Print Reports and Charts.

Step 2

Choose your desired report, along with the various options you wish to use for the report.

Step 3

On the right side of the Print Reports screen, click the Printer Setup button.

Step 4

Within the dialog box that appears, click the down arrow for the Printer Name and you will see your existing physical printer (if you have one) listed, along with PDFwriter.

Click on PDFwriter to select it.

Step 5

PDFwriter will now appear in the Printer Name box.

Click on OK to close the Printer Setup window.

Step 6

With your desired report and options selected, you may wish to click Preview to see how the report will appear. You can close the Preview screen after examining the report as it will be generated.

When you are ready to generate your report, click the Print button.

Step 7

Within the Print dialog box that appears, notice that the destination is the PDFwriter. Click on OK.

A small window appears, showing the status of the print job.

Note that there is not a way to name the file or to save it in a specific location.
Once the pdf is made, you are returned to the Print Reports screen.
You can, at this point, exit or minimize Ancestral Quest.

Now you will want to go access the PDF file of your report. Continue on to find out how.

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