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Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Database, Backup, and GEDCOM Files

Operating Systrem / Platform Questions

Does AQ for Mac and AQ for Windows use the same database file? Can a database made with one be opened on the other?
Yes, because the inner workings of the program are the same on both operating systems, the files used by the program are identical and interchangeable between platforms.
  • Database files: Both AQ for Windows and AQ for Mac can open, edit, and save .aq and .paf database files.
  • Collaboration Working Files: If you are using AQ's Collaboration feature, you can share and collaborate your database with other AQ collaborators, regardless of their operating system.
  • Backup files: You can backup and restore native .aqz and PAF .zip backup files between copies of AQ on either operating system.
  • GEDCOM files: You can export and import .ged files to and from AQ for Windows and Mac as well as between other genealogy programs and services that support the GEDCOM standard.

Database File Questions

How do I remove extra databases?

Once you have identified data files that you no longer need, you can delete them in either of two ways:

  • Go to the menu bar in AQ and select File, then Delete. This will bring up a typical Windows browse window that will let you select a file to remove. Once you highlight a filename, you can click on the Delete button to remove it. USE THIS FEATURE WITH GREAT CAUTION! You do not want to delete a database you have any doubts about.
  • You can use File Explorer/My Computer or Finder to locate the extraneous file and delete it. The same cautions apply, as above.

Backup File Questions

How do I backup my data file to a CD?

Depending on your CD writer and the software you have installed, you may be able to directly backup to the CD, or you might have to do a two-step backup. If you get any kind of error message while trying to backup directly to the CD, then try this procedure:

  1. Backup your file to your hard drive (usually 'C:'). When you do this, pay attention to the folder you are saving to, and the name of the backup file.
  2. Exit AQ.
  3. Use the method you use to transfer other files to the CD to copy this backup file from its location on the C: drive to your CD.
I am trying to backup my data file to a flash drive, but I receive a DynaZIP error. How do I get the database backed up to the flash drive?

There was an issue when performing a backup directly to a flash memory drive or other removable drive that has a capacity of two gigabytes (2GB) or larger. This has been resolved with the release of Ancestral Quest 12.1 build 21, released on 9/18/2009. If you have AQ 12.1 build 21 or later (including AQ 14), this issue is resolved.

If you have an earlier version of AQ, there is a work-around that will involve a two-step backup routine. Please follow this procedure:

  1. Backup your file to your hard drive (usually 'C:'). When you do this, pay attention to the folder in which you are saving the file, as well as the name of the backup file.
  2. Use (My) Computer, or another preferred method, to copy the backup file that you had just created onto the desired flash or removable drive.

GEDCOM File Questions

I just imported a GEDCOM file and realized I shouldn't have. How do I undo this import?

The first time you import a GEDCOM file into an existing database, AQ will automatically make a temporary backup file of your database before proceeding. This file will have the name of your database file, but will have an extension of ".tqz". On subsequent imports into this file, AQ will ask if you want to replace this temporary backup before importing.

If you want to restore your database to the state prior to the import, simply restore from this ".tqz" file. To do this, close your file, then go to File > Restore. Look for the .tqz file and restore it.

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