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Full List of Features

Additional features not listed in detail from the main Program Description page.

Features listed in detail from main Program Description page:

Intuitive family building screen

Quick and easy data entry

5-generation pedigree screen for quick navigation and 'the big picture'

Advanced source documentation capabilities including unlimited sources per person, family, or event

Ability to attach unlimited individuals, marriages, events to a single source citation

Organize sources by source type

Full Scrapbooking capability

NetFam Collaboration for working together in a team across the Internet on a single master file

Compare and Merge Databases to coordinate efforts between multiple researchers

Research Manager to organize and track your research tasks

Find anyone quickly using the Name List view - view any columns and sort on up to three fields

Ability to search for any name in your database on a growing number of Internet genealogy search engines

Generate a web site from your genealogy data

Include full scrapbook in web site

Database compatible with the PAF series of programs

Full FamilySearch Family Tree capabilities and LDS options including ability to update your records from FamilySearch

Examine relationships

While browsing through list of individuals, see how each is related to you

Powerful searching, filtering and focusing on your data. The most powerful search engine in the industry.

Attach as many events to an individual or family as you need to fully document them

Mark events as confidential, if desired

Translate into Any Language. Create and share language modules, allowing users to use AQ in their native language, and create reports in any language.

Create an unlimited number of reports

  • Publish a Family Book. Combine many of the following built-in reports, along with other documents, pictures and pages to generate appropriate page-numbering, a master Table of Contents, and a master Index. Take the final result to a print shop to publish your family history.
  • Pedigree Charts - blank forms, single sheets, or cascading. Exclusive Print documentation pages for these charts
  • Family Group Sheets - blank forms, single families, or cascading sets
  • Fan Charts - Full, Half or Quarter Circles, up to 13 generations, including plotter size paper options
  • Individual Summaries
  • Ancestor and Descendant book reports, with option to print fill-in-the-blank lines for missing data
  • Ancestry charts -- optionally include siblings of ancestors
  • Descendant charts
  • Drop Line chart for Line-of-Descent between an Ancestor and a Descendant, including siblings
  • Wall charts for ancestors or descendants can be printed to standard size paper, then taped together, or directly to large plotter paper up to 10 feet wide and long
  • Descendant Dropline Charts
  • Research Logs
  • Include photos in reports
  • Print images of sources as attachments
  • Birthday and anniversary calendars
  • Custom reports let you define your own report layouts and content
  • Generate most reports to a printer, .txt file, or to PDF file (using external PDF generator)
  • Generate book reports to .wpd or .rtf formats
  • Print just Odd or Even pages for 2-sided printing
  • Create phone lists and mailing lists for family reunions
  • Scrapbook pages
  • Pages of Testimony - For any Holocaust victims for whom you have information, submit a page to Yad Vashem in Jerusalem
  • Lists of:
    • Unlinked Individuals
    • Duplicate Individuals
    • Individuals by record number
    • Individuals by name
    • Marriages by record number, husband, or by wife
    • Possible problems - with flag to hide selected individuals
    • End of line individuals for a single line or for the full database
    • Sorted Places list -- entire database or for a selected set of individuals
    • LDS Incomplete individual and marriage ordinances with many options
    • Citations for a source
    • Source list -- full list or by type
    • Line of Descent from common ancestor to two relatives
    • List of scrapbook items attached to individuals

Additional Features:

Includes electronic copy of Line Upon Line A Beginner's Guide to Genealogy by Margery Bell Only available in Windows versions.

Record notes for each individual

Record notes for each family

Spell-Check Notes

Search and replace in notes

Mark notes as Confidential if needed

Database Splitting capability

Record multiple parents for each person

Record step-parent situations (for example, set mother as biological, father as adoptive, step or foster)

Mark children, parents, spouses, relationships as confidential, so they won't print on reports

Record relationships as “Married”, “Divorced”, “Not Married”, “Common Law” or “de Facto”

Individual Summary screen lets you see everything about an individual in one place

Quick-entry feature remembers names and places. An option lets these auto-fill for quicker entry

Global Search and Replace for regular names and place names

Extract source notes from old PAF databases into true source records

Date calculator

Soundex calculator

Record DNA test results

Convert UPPER case surnames to Mixed case

Convert US State abbreviations and Canadian Province abbreviations to full names, and visa versa

Over 200 characters per name

Dates in any format

Store names, dates places and notes in any language

Over 1,000,000 individuals per database

Over 1,000,000 families per database

GEDCOM. Share data with others and other systems using the GEDCOM standard

Include scrapbook items right in the GEDCOM file, so you can more easily share your entire database, scrapbooks and all, with others (currently only available with copies of Ancestral Quest)

Store scrapbook item on an Internet site, so you can share your data file, and the pictures will show up even if they are not on the PC running the program

Create master source for all records imported from a GEDCOM

Link master source for all records imported from a GEDCOM

Generate Custom IDs -- Set to Ahnentafel, RIN, Henry or Relationship codes, including Dollarhide system

Take the Ancestral Quest program with you on a flash or other removable drive, using AQ2Go! (Only available in Windows versions.)

Detailed log of changes made -- you can even print a report of these changes

Fixes and occasional new features downloadable for free across the Internet

Powerful merge capability

Auto merge on custom ID

Auto merge on AFN

Merge sources -- both auto merge and individual source by source merge

Merge repositories -- both auto merge and individual repository by repository merge

Auto Merge Citations

Complete in-program help system

Backup and Restore use pkzip/WinZip technology

Bookmark key individuals in your file

Back and Forward buttons help you return to individuals you looked at recently

Record Marriages as having had no children

Record Individuals as having never married

Make copies of databases

Recently edited files appear under the File menu (Only available in Windows versions.)

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