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Documentation Center

Documentation Screen - Notes Tab

The Documentation Screen

The Documentation screen allows you to view and edit all the documentation from one window, without having to jump back and forth between different parts of the program.

  • See all the notes and sources for an individual and each of his marriages on one screen. Use the tabs across the top to select the portion of documentation you want to review.
  • For notes, you can use the optional "tag" side bar to organize your notes.

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Documentation Screen - Source Tab

Organize Your Sources

  • View all citations for an individual or marriage
  • Use the optional Tools side bar to organize your sources
  • Add new source citations to any event while viewing the summary
  • Remove source citations while viewing the summary of sources for an individual or marriage
  • Edit a source citation right from this summary screen
  • Rearrange the order of source citations for a given event.

Note: This screen image shows the screen after the "Add" button has been clicked. You can choose which event to add a new source citation to.

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