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Changes to Language File

This page presents information to a user who has translated Ancestral Quest into another language, and must be aware of ongoing changes to the items to be translated.


Following is a list of text items and screens which have changed, organized by build.


Changes in AQ between version 12.1 build 23 and version 14 build 20. (Last updated 4 Jun 2014.)


Note: The remaining changes listed below are those made to AQ 12.0. There was a several year gap between those changes and the changes listed for AQ 12.1.23 above.


Build 8 – 4/18/2007


·         On the screen Open Database, added Type

·         On the File menu, added Print Large Sized Charts\r\nPrint Large Charts


Build 7 – 3/12/2007


·         On the screen Publish a Family Book, added a button, Printer Setup

·         On the screen Search Results, added two items, Ind Ordinances and Mar Sealing

·         Changed text In a GEDCOM export, ANSI is… to In a GEDCOM export, ANSEL is…

·         Added a new text string, Printer Setup... (used in the Reports screen)

·         Added some new source types. This shifted most report types, so that most would need to be retranslated. Start with DA|0|0|0|3|0|1|1|4|1|004|0|0|0|0|Death Record

·         Added some new temples to list. Changed temple code for: New York to Manhattan

·         To the Internet menu, added Search


Build 6 – 3/8/2007


No Changes


Build 5 – 2/26/2007


Fixed some parameters in the following sentences:

·         %(%2;%3) was naturalized…

·         %(%2;%3) %*is;was* a citizen of…

·         %(%2;%3) was confirmed…

·         %(%2;%3) was confirmed…


Build 4 – 2/24/2007


No Changes


Build 3 – 2/8/2007


·         On the screen Search Results, added a title over the list of results: Possible Matching Records from IGI:

·         On the screen PAF 5 File Already Open, added some instructions.

·         Changed some keyboard shortcuts. The text that showed these were changed accordingly: Print reports and charts <Ctrl+R>… to <Ctrl+P>, Locate an Individual or Marriage <Ctrl+S>… to <Ctrl+F>, Show the pedigree view <Ctrl+P>… to <Alt+Ctrl+P>, Show the family view <Ctrl+F>… to <Alt+Ctrl+F>, Show the name list view <Ctrl+X>… to <Alt+Ctrl+N>

·         To the Collaborate menu, added Invite Others


Build 2 – 1/30/2007


No Changes


Build 1 – 1/27/2007


No Changes