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Changes to Language File

This page presents information to a user who has translated Ancestral Quest into another language, and must be aware of ongoing changes to the items to be translated.

Following is a list of text items and screens which have changed, organized by build.

Changes in AQ between version 12.1 build 23 and version 15 build 16.

(Last updated 30 Oct 2019.)

Note: The remaining changes listed below are those made to AQ 12.0. There was a several year gap between those changes and the changes listed for AQ 12.1.23 above.

Build 8 – 4/18/2007

  • On the screen Open Database, added Type
  • On the File menu, added Print Large Sized Charts\r\nPrint Large Charts

Build 7 – 3/12/2007

  • On the screen Publish a Family Book, added a button, Printer Setup
  • On the screen Search Results, added two items, Ind Ordinances and Mar Sealing
  • Changed text In a GEDCOM export, ANSI is… to In a GEDCOM export, ANSEL is…
  • Added a new text string, Printer Setup… (used in the Reports screen)
  • Added some new source types. This shifted most report types, so that most would need to be retranslated. Start with DA|0|0|0|3|0|1|1|4|1|004|0|0|0|0|Death Record
  • Added some new temples to list. Changed temple code for: New York to Manhattan
  • To the Internet menu, added Search WorldVitalRecords.com

Build 6 – 3/8/2007

No Changes

Build 5 – 2/26/2007

Fixed some parameters in the following sentences:

  • %(%2;%3) was naturalized…
  • %(%2;%3) %*is;was* a citizen of…
  • %(%2;%3) was confirmed…
  • %(%2;%3) was confirmed…

Build 4 – 2/24/2007

No Changes

Build 3 – 2/8/2007

  • On the screen Search Results, added a title over the list of results: Possible Matching Records from IGI:
  • On the screen PAF 5 File Already Open, added some instructions.
  • Changed some keyboard shortcuts. The text that showed these were changed accordingly: Print reports and charts <Ctrl+R>… to <Ctrl+P>, Locate an Individual or Marriage <Ctrl+S>… to <Ctrl+F>, Show the pedigree view <Ctrl+P>… to <Alt+Ctrl+P>, Show the family view <Ctrl+F>… to <Alt+Ctrl+F>, Show the name list view <Ctrl+X>… to <Alt+Ctrl+N>
  • To the Collaborate menu, added Invite Others

Build 2 – 1/30/2007

No Changes

Build 1 – 1/27/2007

No Changes

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