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Charting Companion - Sample Charts

Do you need more charts from your Ancestral Quest™ family database? Then Charting Companion 7.0 from Progeny Genealogy is the solution you have been waiting for.

Based upon the original and very successful PAF Companion charting program, Charting Companion 7.0 lets you quickly and easily print a wide variety of charts and reports, including:

  • box charts (with or without photos)
  • fan charts
  • book reports
  • wall charts
  • hourglass charts
  • and more!

No data entry and no GEDCOM required. Charting Companion reads your AQ family database file directly.

Click on the chart or report name to see an example of each.



Ancestor Chart thumbnail image


Pedigree Chart thumbnail image

Ancestor with Siblings

Ancestor Chart with Siblings thumbnail image


Fan Chart thumbnail image


Descendant Chart thumbnail image


Hourglass Chart thumbnail image

Bow Tie

Pedigree Chart thumbnail image

The Bow Tie Chart displays separate paternal and maternal ancestor trees with the subject in the center.

Descendant Fan Chart

Descendant Fan Chart thumbnail image


Hourglass Chart thumbnail image


Embroidery sample thumbnail image


Family Group Record

Family Group Record report thumbnail image


Ahnentafel report thumbnail image

Standard Family Group Record

Standard Family Group Record report thumbnail image

Outline Descendant

Outline Descendant report thumbnail image


Kinship report thumbnail image


Register report thumbnail image


Charting Companion is a product of Progeny Genealogy and runs on Windows 10, 8.x, 7, Vista, XP.

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