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Download Current Version

The current version of Ancestral Quest is 16. If you already have a registration key for this version, and wish to download the installer file again, the links you will need are found below.

A version 16 registration key is required to activate all the features of Ancestral Quest 16. If you have not purchased a version 16 registration key, the program will function with limited features as Ancestral Quest Basics. See the important note, below.

Ancestral Quest Installer for Windows Windows Logo

Download and run the following file to install Ancestral Quest for Windows.

Installer for Windows (about 19 MB)

Once you click on the above link, if you are prompted to Save or Run, choose Run. If you do not see such a prompt, then save the file; if given a choice, save the file to your Windows Desktop. After it has downloaded, run the AQ16Setup.exe file to install the program. If you cannot find the file, click on the Windows Start button and choose to search for AQ16. Once you find it, double-click the file to run it.

Ancestral Quest Installer for Mac Mac Logo

Download and run the appropriate file, below, to install Ancestral Quest for Mac.

64-bit Installer (about 451 MB) for macOS High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, and Monterey

32-bit Installer (about 99 MB) for earlier versions of macOS X

The 64-bit version of AQ for Mac has been notarized by Apple. This means that it has passed Apple's stringent anti-virus tests. macOS Catalina and later will not allow an app to run unless it has been notarized.

Still, some anti-virus apps report "false positives" when they scan the app, and this can cause problems during installation. If you have an anti-virus app, temporarily turn it off before downloading and installing AQ. Then run AQ once to make sure everything works (and if you are using Collaboration, to let the special components from Microsoft get installed). Once installed, and you see that AQ is running without issue, you can then turn your anti-virus app back on.

The 32-bit version, that will only run on versions of macOS X prior to Catalina, does not have these concerns.

Installation is pretty straight-forward. Click here for installation instructions, which includes a helpful tip.

You can visit ancquest.com/mac for more detailed information about AQ for Mac, and may wish to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about AQ for Mac.

Access the Release Notes for Ancestral Quest 16

View the FAQs about upgrading from an earlier version to Ancestral Quest 16

Uninstall Ancestral Quest 16

System Requirements Synopsis

  • Ancestral Quest 16 for Windows requires Windows LogoWindows 11/10/8.x/7/Vista/XP (SP3)/2000 or NT (32- or 64-bit). It will not run on Windows S nor on Chromebooks.
  • Ancestral Quest 16 for Mac requires Mac LogomacOS 10.7 Lion through macOS 13 Ventura.

You can also view the complete system requirements.

If You Have Trouble Installing...

Most installation issues are easily resolved once you know what to do. Click here for troubleshooting instructions.

Important Note

Ancestral Quest 15 was very unique in the way that upgrades were handled:

If you had previously purchased an AQ 14 or AQ 12.x Registration Key, you could download and install AQ 15, and all of the features you have had access to within your paid version of AQ 14/12.x would still be available in AQ 15 with your older Registration Key, and you found new improvements and enhancements of version 15. You would also see the new premium features (items in menus and other options), but were not able to use those major new features of AQ 15 unless you purchased an upgrade to a version 15 Registration Key.

With Ancestral Quest 16, this soft upgrade is no longer available. If you want to continue to use the premium features of your older version you paid for in the new version 16, you will need to purchase the upgrade to AQ 16. To find out about the new features in AQ 16, and access the order screen (if desired), visit this page on our website.

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