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Ancestral Quest Receives 2009 FamilySearch Software Awards

Salt Lake City, Utah (March 11, 2009) - Today at the 2009 FamilySearch Developers Conference in Provo, Utah, Incline Software was presented with two of the “2009 FamilySearch Software Awards” on behalf of features in Ancestral Quest.

Most Comprehensive Syncing. In the category of “Desktop Syncing or Tree-Cleaning”, Ancestral Quest received the award for “Most Comprehensive Syncing.” In July of 2008, Ancestral Quest became the first desktop family tree program to be able to synchronize desktop data with the family tree of New FamilySearch. Because Ancestral Quest is able to work not only on its own native database format, but is also able to work with files from PAF 5, Ancestral Quest offers both AQ and PAF users the ability to synchronize their data with New FamilySearch. In addition to syncing individuals, AQ has the ability to sync families, quickly sync selected groups, and even to import ancestral lines directly from New FamilySearch. Gaylon Findlay, President of Incline Software said, “As we have worked with users over the last 8 months since AQ 12.1 was released, we have been pleased to hear their expressions of gratitude and excitement over how easily and quickly they can synchronize their data with the family tree of New FamilySearch. As thousands of users of PAF 5 have realized that they can use Ancestral Quest to seamlessly connect their data to the family tree, they have enthusiastically endorsed this product. Our slogan of ‘FamilySearch Made Clear and Easy’ encapsulates the ideas that these features are not only easy to use, but provide views of the data that make very clear what is happening during the syncing process.”

Best Listing Tool. In the category of “Desktop Productivity”, Ancestral Quest received the award for “Best Listing Tool.” In 2002, Incline Software created an advanced names listing feature in Ancestral Quest that would allow a user to quickly view all the records in their file, and sort on several fields. In the years since then, this tool has been improved to show more data about the records, and to sort on any field, and sub-sort on up to two more fields. This tool allows users to find information in ways not possible in other software products. A typical use of this capability is to sort all records by birth place so that you can see all the individuals in your file who were born in a particular location, and then sub-sort by name and birth date to view those individuals alphabetically and by age. With this sorting, users can quickly spot misspelled place names to globally correct them. Another use is to sort all women by their spouse’s surname, and sub-sort by given names, so that users can easily look up women by their married names.


Incline Software has been developing Ancestral Quest for over 15 years. Products derived from Ancestral Quest include PAF (Personal Ancestral File) and AFT (Ancestry Family Tree). The millions of users of these products will find that they can use these award winning tools in Ancestral Quest without having to learn a new software program.

Free Trial. To find out more about Ancestral Quest or Incline Software, or to download the 60-day free trial of Ancestral Quest, visit the web site or call Incline Software at 1-800-825-8864. Several training tutorials to help users get the most out of these features are available online at no charge.

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