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Reporting, Web Generation and other Utilites to enhance PAF 5

PAFWiz has been a utility to enhance PAF 5 since 2003. As of September, 2008, Incline Software is discontinuing the sales of PAFWiz.

PAFWiz has always been a subset of the Ancestral Quest program -- providing much of the functionality of Ancestral Quest at a lower price for users of PAF 5.

Those who already have a licensed copy of PAFWiz can continue to use it. However, if you are looking to purchase a new copy of PAFWiz, or update your PAFWiz to a newer version, you should instead purchase or upgrade to Ancestral Quest.

If you are a licensed user of PAFWiz 2, the upgrade fee to upgrade to AQ 12.1 will be the difference in price between PAFWiz 2 and Ancestral Quest 12. ($10 to download and $15 plus s/h for a CD.)

If you are a licensed user of the older PAFWiz, the price to upgrade to AQ 12.1 will be $19.95 for the download and $22.95 plus s/h for the CD.

You can contact Incline Software at 1-800-825-8864 (1-801-280-4434 local to  Salt Lake City) to order an upgrade.

If you purchase a copy of PAFWiz 2.0 at a retail store, such as Deseret Book, you will only pay the difference in price to upgrade to Ancestral Quest 12.1. (Of course, if you return PAFWiz to the store, you will void the AQ license for which you paid the discounted price.)

Page last updated 11/19/2008