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Generate IDs

Shortly after the release of this feature, we received this e-mail from a user, and share it with permission:

I was puzzling for days over how I could possibly relate to Mary Murdoch Ferguson. Now, half an hour after downloading AQ 11, I see that she is obviously the third child of the fourth child of the first child of the fourth child of William Brown who is the great-grandfather of the spouse of Mary Alexander Maxwell Johnstone who is the fifth child of the third child of the eighth child of the second child of the fourth child of the first child of my fourth great grandfather Robert Hotson (ahnentafel number 98), simply because her generated custom ID number is 98+142835.8+4143. It's so elegant! Someone has done a fantastic job here. I should like to drink his or her health this Christmas.

John Cameron Ward
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Note: We have essentially utilized the schemes of Ahnentafel numbering for ancestors and Modified Henry numbering for descendants, with some transitional characters to provide this numbering system.

Read a posted message of how some users are utilizing this feature to aid their DNA research.