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Product Comparison of the 3 FamilySearch(tm) Certified Syncing Applications

NOTE: This comparison was created in late 2009. Since then, all of these products have undergone upgrades. The comparison chart and video have not been updated. If you watch the video, use it as a guide of the kinds of things you might look for when testing the capabilities of these products, but test the current versions on your own. While much of the video and chart may still be accurate, some portions are not. Differences in AQ are mostly by way of making some features more intuitive, whereas both FamilyInsight and RootsMagic have added some functionality.


Ancestral Quest




Note: RootsMagic has two versions. According to their features chart, both versions have the same features dealing with New FamilySearch. These comparisons therefore apply equally to both versions.

Which Product Is Right For You?

This comparison is NOT intended to compare all the features of these products. It addresses ONLY the features that work with New FamilySearch.


View Comparison Chart

Comparison charts are often only really understood by those who know the programs being compared. The companion video is designed to demonstrate the differences to help you understand them, without having to first learn these products.


Watch Comparison Video

If you seriously want to understand the differences in these products, and which will best meet your needs, this video is a "must watch" presentation. As experts in the issues dealing with New FamilySearch, we will point out to you things you would otherwise almost certainly miss in a casual comparison of the products.

We have tried to be as fair as possible. We think you will find this a straight-forward, accurate comparison of the features of these products which deal with New FamilySearch. Several who have watched this video have reported that they feel it is fair, accurate, and very, very informative. (Granted, you will see some bias toward AQ in the conclusions we draw, but after you look at the data, you can draw your own conclusions.)

Download this video for watching offline. (This is a ZIP file -- you will need to unzip the contents, then run the ".html" file to view the video.)

NOTE: We want these comparisons to be completely accurate and fair. If you find anything that is inaccurate, please contact us so we can make corrections:

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