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"Wow. Your new capability with new.FamilySearch is, indeed, impressive. It is head and shoulders above others that I have had the privilege of seeing."

- a Family History Center staff member.



The #1 Family Tree Software for LDS Users

Easiest to Use

Ancestral Quest is very easy to use for anyone. Most LDS Users have been using PAF 5 for years: because PAF 5 was derived from an earlier version of Ancestral Quest, PAF users already know how to use AQ, as it is basically the same program. For a PAF user, AQ will feel like a major upgrade -- most screens, reports and process will be the same, a few will be improved, and there will be many new features.

All the Features you Need

  • Enter Individuals and Families
  • Enter Notes and Sources
  • Enter Pictures, Sound Clips, Videos and other Documents
  • Create Standard and Elaborate Charts and Reports
  • Enter To-Do Items and Keep Research Log
  • Reserve LDS Temple Ordinances and Track Ordinance Cards (See details below)
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Completely PAF Compatible

AQ can directly work with your PAF 5 file as if it were PAF. You can use AQ as a PAF Add-In if you want to continue to use PAF, or you can use AQ instead of PAF. Either way, you can use the same PAF file that you are used to. No need to import or convert your file.

New FamilySearch Certified

FamilySearch Certified Logo

Ancestral Quest was the first desktop family tree program to be certified to access, update and sync with the family tree database of New FamilySearch (NFS), and is now the only full-featured family tree program certified by FamilySearch to reserve and request ordinances for a PAF 5 file.

Access, Update and Sync Certified

  • Search for your records on NFS
  • If you find them, sync your data with the data on NFS
  • If not, easily upload your families directly to NFS
  • Import ancestral lines directly from NFS
  • Combine duplicate records in NFS
  • Compare your record side by side with the NFS record and easily trade data between the two records

PAF Add-In Certified

  • AQ is on the "Tools" menu of PAF 5
  • Directly access the PAF 5 database

Ordinance Reservation/Ordinance Request Certified

  • Identify records in your PAF or AQ file that need ordinances
  • Read official temple records to verify the ordinance status
  • Reserve ordinances, and assign them to the temples or to yourself.
  • Create Family Ordinance Requests (FORs) and print them on your printer
  • Unreserve ordinances. Set them back to the "Ready" status
  • Update missing temple records in NFS with ordinances in your file
  • Reprint damaged or lost ordinance cards
  • Keep your PAF or AQ records up-to-date with the latest temple status as ordinances progress
  • See discussion in next column on the Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System (ORTS) for more details

Helper Certified

  • Sign in to help someone else
  • What this means is that, especially in Utah and Idaho, where many users do not have access to NFS, someone with access, such as a ward Family History Consultant, can have the person bring them their PAF database and help them clean their family tree in NFS, then reserve ordinances for family names.

Print Certified

  • Print any of AQ's many reports and charts, including data retrieved from NFS

Multi-Language Certified

  • Store data in any language
  • AQ can be translated into any language, so it can be used by people of any language

Lots of Additional Cool Features

Ancestral Quest has too many additional features to list here. These are some highlights:

  • Most powerful filtering tool of any family tree program (PAF 5 has the same Advanced Filtering, as it was created first for AQ)
  • Award winning tool for listing and sorting your records
  • NetFAM Collaboration - ability to have a team of people, typically close relatives, share the same master data file, avoiding the typical problems of exporting, importing and combining databases
  • Click here for a more complete program description

FamilySearch 2009 Software Awards

Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System

A whole new system designed to help you reserve and track ordinances and keep an inventory of ordinance cards.

Temple Mode

View icons on the Pedigree and Family Views, indicating whether ordinances are missing. Click on the icons to see the official temple status and if ordinances are Ready, prepare to reserve them.

Reserve Ordinances

Reserve ordinances to be managed either by you or by the temples. For example, you can assign the baptism and confirmation to the temples to manage, and the initiatory and endowment for you to manage.

Add records in your PAF or AQ file to the reserve list by using the advanced filtering to select groups of individuals. 

Change Ordinances Assignments

Reassign the management of ordinances from you to the temple system, or from the temple system to you.

Unreserve Ordinances

Undo the reservation, setting the ordinances for an individual back to the "Ready" state.

Print FORs

For ordinances you have assigned to yourself to manage, print a Family Ordinance Request which you can take to the temple and print the ordinance cards.

Manage Batches

Unique to AQ! Organize the ordinance cards into manageable batches to help you monitor the progress of a few cards at a time, or all at once if you desire.

Track Ordinances

Check the status of reserved ordinances. As ordinances become completed, quickly and easily update your PAF or AQ records with temple completion information.

Assign Cards to Others

Unique to AQ! You can assign ordinance cards to others and keep track of where your cards are and the progress of the ordinances. For example, you could assign cards to your cousin or High Priest Group Leader.

Reprint Ordinance Cards

If you lose or accidentally damage ordinance cards, you can reprint them.

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