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PDF Options for Users of 64-bit Windows

The following is information regarding the ability to generate reports from within Ancestral Quest as PDF files on 64-bit Windows operating systems.

Background Info

PDF-XChange 3.0 is installed with Ancestral Quest so the reports in AQ can be produced as PDF files. The PDF driver is designed in a way that if someone tries to print PDFs from any other program, it puts on two 'watermark' burst symbols at the top of the page, asking you to purchase PDF-XChange for general use. However, when AQ sends the command to generate a PDF report through PDF-XChange, it includes our special license that removes those watermarks.

The Issue

Now, the real problem, that we have discovered, is that the version of PDF-XChange that we have licensed does not work with 64-bit Windows systems. The result is that the special license does not get sent to PDF-XChange, so those watermarks appear at the top of every report generated by AQ using PDF-XChange.

If you have a 32-bit version of Windows, you should be able to use AQ's built-in PDF option, and you can ignore the rest of this page. If you are experiencing this problem, following is a work-around.

The Work-around

Incline Software is looking into a permanent resolve for this issue. In the meantime, if you want to print PDF reports from AQ without those watermarks, you may want to look into using a free PDF generator, or use another PDF file generator that you already have installed.

When printing to a different PDF generator, here is the procedure to use:

  1. In AQ, go to the menu bar and select File then Print Reports and Charts.
  2. Within the Print Reports and Charts screen, select the desired report and its settings, as usual.
  3. Then, in the lower-right corner of the window, within the Destination section, instead of choosing PDF File, leave Printer/Screen selected.
  4. Now, go up and click on the Printer Setup button. Within the dialog box that appears, for Printer Name, click the down arrow, and select the PDF generator that you have installed. You can select the other printer setup options, as desired. Click OK.
  5. Next, you can click the Preview button, as usual, to see how the report will appear... then just click Print, and the PDF generator will engage and prompt you to save the PDF file.

PDF-Generating Software

If you are in need of a PDF generating program, there are two free possibilities of which we are aware. With both of these products, you would need to download/install two files: the PDF driver itself, and the free converter. See the respective website for details:

Note: Once you install your PDF generator, check the Printers section of your Windows Control Panel (Start > Control Panel); sometimes the PDF generator gets set as your default printer in Windows (this is usually indicated by a small checkmark icon on the printer icon). If the PDF printer were to remain your default priter, when you try to print anything from any program, it will generate a PDF file instead of printing out. Verify that the printer you normally use is set as the default printer (and has that checkmark icon). If it isn't, click on the desired printer with the secondary (right) mouse button, then choose Set as Default Printer.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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